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            • 山水園-天目湖山水園景區
            • 南山竹海-天目湖南山竹海景區
            • 天目湖御水溫泉

                The Tianmu Lake Landscape Garden Scenic Spot is the first national AAAAA Class scenic area. As a core scenic area, it is a poetic natural essence in the Tianmu Lake Scenic Spot, which owns Filial Obedience Culture Garden, the Top-one Scholar (Zhuangyuan) Culture Garden, Stone Museum, Elf Kingdom, Butterfly Valley, Chinese Tea Island, etc.. The spot is surrounded by mountains and water and wins favors by mountains surrounding water and water reflecting mountains, which is with aqua lake surface rippling, islands scattering and lakeshore twisting and turning. Go on canoe on the lake and enjoy the wonderful scenic: mountains overlapping, water zigzagging, pines soughing, birds flying and beasts running, all these take you enter a fairyland-like and marvelous trip. The pleasure craft is a classic item in the scenic and could be for thousands of people to visit the Tianmu Lake at the same time.
               The top-one scholar culture is a historical cultural core in Hulishan and the finial obedience culture is the first piece in the traditional culture garden, the Stone Museum owns all rare stones in the world and the Jiangnan Tea Village in Chinese Tea Island is the best place for enjoying delicious foods and buying special souvenirs. The butterfly valley in the Longxing Island will bring you to a fantasy trip of Zhuangzhou Dreaming Butterfly. The 3 new exhibition halls for butterfly love, butterfly dream and butterfly pictures are built to show a beautiful butterfly legend and its own values. The Elf Kingdom is an animals’ garden built for children. There are Linda’s Stage, Duoer’s Village and Jimmy’s Fairyland. And also there is an animal kingdom music classic- wonderful performance of Elf Band. The children could interact and rejoice with actors.

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