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            • 山水園-天目湖山水園景區
            • 南山竹海-天目湖南山竹海景區
            • 天目湖御水溫泉
            Tianmu Lake Yushui Hotspring Resort
            It is located at the Nanshan Bamboo Scenic in Liyang of Jiangsu Province, and is harmony with Tianmu Lake. You can experience graceful bamboo ho...全部
            Yushui Hotsping Inn
            It is against the Yushui Hotsping and adjacent with the township restaurant. It is made of wood with two-story and has a unique style as the ancient...全部
            Tianmu Lake Hotel
            The Tianmu Lake Hotel is a five-star hotel with dining rooms, guest rooms and entertainments for business, vacations, conferences etc.. So it become...全部
            Nanshan Bamboo Yuquan Hotel
            It lies in the source of Tianmu Lake Scenic Spot with National AAAA-class-Nanshan Bamboo Scenic Spot. It is near the mountains and by the river and ...全部
            Landscape Garden Hotel
            Huatian Resort
            The Huatian Resort covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with 3500 square meters park center, which is with good facilities and chic building a...全部
            Xizhaowan Hotel
            The Xizhaowan Hotel is a new large-scale catering enterprise in Tianmu Lake resort spot. It can hold more than 500 people for dinners. Here you c...全部
            Nanshan Shouxing Hotel
            The Nanshan Shouxing Hotel is a large-scale and the first food restaurant hotel for dinner, leisure and tea drinking and can hold 600 people for di...全部
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