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            • 山水園-天目湖山水園景區
            • 南山竹海-天目湖南山竹海景區
            • 天目湖御水溫泉
            Fish Head en Casserole
            The Fish Head en Casserole in Tianmu Lake is a natural green food with milky broth and original flavor, which is fresh but no fishy smell, fat but...全部
            Tianmu Lake White Fish
            White fish is the top grade seafood beyond the Great Wall and comparable with Jiangnan famous fish, which has lasting appeal in taste....全部
            Bamboo Feast
            The feast could not be named as a banquet if there is no bamboo. The bamboo feast is a kind of saliva-stimulating dinner, which is cooked by all par...全部
            Liyang Liver
            Liyang liver is the most traditional food in Liyang, is also one of the three major treasures in Liyang (Meatball, Sauce eggs with no shell and Li...全部
            Liyang White Celery
            Liyang celery with a good quality is cooked with its white stem, and can be fried with meat or be a cold celery. The cold celery and the fried cel...全部
            Changdang Lake Steamed Crab
            It is famous for fresh crabmeat and fat roe and has a high reputation in China, and also is one of the essential foods in feast....全部
            Liyang Chestnut
            Liyang chestnut is a kind of the leisure food, featured with appropriate size, sweet taste and high glutinous waxy because of the unique climate an...全部
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